1. Reiki
  2. Crystal Healing
  3. Sound Healing
  4. Colour Healing
  5. Biofeedback
  6. Neurofeedback


Curing relates to the reversal of symptoms related to disease, illness and / or sorrow. It is the absence of illness or disease. Cure means the course of treatment of any disease or wound, a system of treating diseases or a medicine effective in treating a disease.


Healing has to do with moving from a place of pain, discomfort, disease and / or sorrow into a dimension of acceptance, understanding and / or transformation. This occurrence may include recognition of facts and perceptions through an epiphany or spiritual experience. Healing is a condition of life or a way of living. A person can actually be dying yet be in a state of healing characterized by integration, balance and satisfaction deep within. Healing involves expanding our inner potentials, and therefore, death is not seen as failure but as a natural consequence of life.