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Crystal Healing:

Using contemporary scientific theory to explain how the modality works

Diagram 1: Cave of Crystals, Mexico
Diagram 1: Cave of Crystals, Mexico


Research Hypothesis

Conventional science and complementary medicine are perceived by many as diametric opposites, with complementary medicine not operating on a scientific basis. This paper argues that this is not so. The growing body of knowledge within quantum physics shows that a different view of energy is to that accepted in Newtonian physics is required by scientists. The research output of quantum physics is providing a picture of energy more closely linked to the one underpinning crystal healing as a modality. In crystal healing, the energy within the crystal is brought close to the patient’s energy field and used to influence the vibration of the patient’s energy field to bring about healing. To explain the interplay between physics, crystals and crystal healing, this paper looks at the following:
i. The evolution of quantum physics
ii. The history of crystals
iii. Crystal formations

Research Purpose: Many people are distrustful of going to see a crystal healer and they perceive it as a modality utilizing intuitive skills only rather than using intuition and science based use of the crystals for healing. The emphasis of this research project is to enable the general public to gain more insight into the art of crystal healing and to understand that there is solid scientific evidence that demonstrates its efficacy.
The research methodology is qualitative in nature and consists of literature reviews and case studies. It is an empirical study. The aim is to enable people to understand the underpinning scientific basis for crystal healing and dismiss the belief that the technique is a pseudoscience.

Participants: participants for the study were randomly selected from my client base, and privacy was observed at all times.

Data collection tools: Relevant internet data bases and other scientifically based material. (listed in the research proposal)

Data Analysis: Project scoping was sourced from the following websites:

  1. http://www.holisticshop.co.uk/articles/introduction-guide-crystals
  2. http://www.health24.com/natural/Therapies/17-670-3969.asp
  3. http://sciencebasedlife.wordpress.com/2011/09/05/crystal-healing-magic-cures-or-just-rocks/
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  5. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?51054-The-Science-behind-Crystal-Healing
  6. http://hibiscusmooncrystalacademy.com/debate-on-crystal-healing/
  7. http://www.answers.com/topic/crystal-healing-1
: Workshops on crystal surgery hosted by Vivien Schapera were attended

: Workshop on becoming the human crystal, hosted by Naisha Ahsian, was attended

: Thirty case studies were conducted and feedback obtained

: Scientific based literature was read and reviewed

Limitations: Availability of primary source and academically evidenced reading material was limited and much of the press misleading.

Ethical considerations: I have not used any names in my case studies in order to protect my clients’ privacy

Significance of the study: The importance and significance of the conclusion and results of this research paper will serve to provide evidential information that crystal healing is scientifically based and real. Thus assisting people being treated in feeling comfortable they are receiving a science based modality.


Conventional science and complementary medicine are perceived by many as diametric opposites, with complementary medicine not operating on a scientific basis. This paper argues that this is not so. The growing body of knowledge within quantum physics shows that a different view of energy to that accepted in Newtonian physics is required by scientists. The research output of quantum physics is providing a picture of energy more closely linked to the one underpinning crystal healing as a modality.

In crystal healing, the energy within the crystal is brought close to the patient’s energy field and used to influence the vibration of the patient’s energy field to bring about healing. While different cultures have used crystals in slightly different ways, the common thread is that, throughout human history, we have used and revered crystals.

In my healing practice, my favoured modality is crystal healing. Often, when I tell people what I do, their first reaction is that they want to know how it works. In order to answer these questions, I have undertaken research using a range of secondary sources, both books and online material, and primary sources: attending workshops and interviewing my own clients to assess their experiences of my healing sessions with them. I have then reflected on my own experiences in practice to test the validity of what I have learned.

My conclusion is that crystal healing is a modality that relies on the interplay between the human energy field and crystal energy. This interplay is neither random nor inexplicable. It can be explained using the terms and theories of energy and its behaviour that are coming out of research into quantum physics.

Quantum physics has evolved as a means to explain phenomena that “mainstream” or Newtonian physics cannot. For those of us using crystals for healing, it has just substantiated what we have always known, but not always been able to explain: that the vibrations within the crystals have an effect on the vibrations of other objects and living beings.

This paper is divided into two broad sections: the first provides a theoretical base to explaining how crystal therapies work and the second applies this theory to a series of case studies drawn from my own practice.

Because the physics that explains energy and its behaviour is so central to understanding crystal healing as more than just a comforting, ancient healing ritual, the first section of this paper starts by examining some key theories and ideas from the discipline of physics that are important to the argument presented here. Then, the way crystals are formed is discussed with an emphasis on the chemical and energetic aspects of crystals. The seven crystal lattice structures relate directly to the vibrational frequency of each crystal, which is central to its use in healing, and are thus discussed. The human energy field (the electromagnetic energy field surrounding the physical body, also known as the auric field or aura) is then discussed with particular reference to how the crystal energy field interacts with the auric field to effect change in energy vibration – and thereby healing. In the second section of the paper, an overview of the history of the human use of crystals is outlined to provide background to the evolution of the modality before a discussion of various case studies is used to synthesise the theory outlined in the first section of the paper.

Section one: theory


To understand and quantify the scientific basis underpinning crystal healing, it is helpful to provide a brief explanation of the interaction between light, energy and quantum physics.

When the principles of quantum physics are scrutinised, we are led to understand that as human beings and together with all living things we are composed of energy. We are all part of a Universal energy field that connects us to every other living being.

Recent discoveries in science have taught us that subatomic particles are not particles but packets of energy. These packets of energy may either behave as a particle or a wave, or sometimes both simultaneously.

Scientists have demonstrated that an electron may not be found at a specific location and further there is only a possibility that it might be in the mathematically anticipated location. Essentially quantum physics comes down to humans living in a world filled with infinite possibilities. In this world all crystals have an electromagnetic field and when they are in our vicinity, their electromagnetic energy will impact on our own.

Newton’s Laws:
In the late 17th and early 18th century, thanks to Sir Isaac Newton, we’d see ourselves as solid objects. Newton’s theory was that the universe consisted of atoms. He thought that these were solid objects with a nucleus of protons and electrons, with electrons circling the nucleus like the Earth travels around the sun. We live and believe our physical world to be this way. We like to experience linear time and physically experience a three dimensional world. Most people believe that this is how the world is made.

Field Theory:
In the early 19th century the discovery of electromagnetic phenomena occurred. Here we find that particles are able to create a disturbance in the space around them thus when another particle is present it feels a force. As a result it became know that we lived in a world where there were forces that interacted and we all experience energy fields. This would explain how we are all able to have an effect on each other without being in physical proximity to each other. This is known as Field theory and explains our ability to pick up vibrations, like when you sense when someone stares at you from across the room or to you pick up a sense about someone before you even speak to them. It also explains how it’s possible to feel a vibration from a crystal by just holding it in your hand.

Theory of relativity:
In 1905 Albert Einstein published his special theory of relativity. What this basically says is that time is not linear and that space is not three dimensional. Both go together to form a four dimensional space time continuum. We could all be living all of our lifetimes simultaneously in a different space time continuum. According to Einstein, “Mass is nothing but a form of energy and matter is simply slowed down or crystalized energy” [cited in Brennan 1988:24] Thus as a physical being we are just made up of energy but not only this, we could be living all of our lifetimes at once in a different time and space. Everything in our world is just energy vibrating at different speeds.

Let us look at a picture made from laser light, this is called a holograph. A Hologram is made by sending a single laser beam through an optical splitter [beam splitter] in order to create two laser beams from the same source. One of the beams passes through a diffusing lens that spreads it from pencil thin rays into flash like beacons. This beam is directed by mirrors to fall onto a photographic plate while the other beam also passes through a diffusing lens but its job is to light up the object being photographed. Now what happens is this beam also falls upon a photographic plate after bouncing off the object and this creates a 3-D image that we call a hologram e.g. In retinal photography. “The amazing property of a hologram is you can cut away a little piece of the photographic film, hold it up to the laser light and still see an entire intact three-dimensional image of the photographed object”. [Gerber 2001: 47] The fact is that a hologram is an energy interference pattern in each piece within this pattern contains the whole. This also explains how large amounts of data can be stored within a crystal. This in turn would mean that particles can be waves at the same time that they are particles. The universe has become a web of inseparable energy.

According to a brain researcher and professor at George Town University, Dr Karl Pribam: “The Universe is defined as a dynamic inseparable whole which always includes the observer in an essential way. The hologram concept states that every piece is an exact representation of the whole and can be used to reconstruct the whole hologram”. [Cited in Brennan 1988:25]

Our brain operates in a holographic manner as when we use for example our sense of smell the information is sent around our whole system then each piece of our system can produce the information of the whole. If we take this one step further this principle can be seen in the human body where every cell contains a DNA blueprint. From this one cell we can clone the entire human. Now when a foetus is created from a sperm cell from Dad and an egg from Mom, then each cell contains 50% of the chromosome material from each of them. The cells then multiply to form an embryo but the question is how that each cell knows where it must go in order to form say an arm or a leg. Science cannot explain this but the Etheric blueprint of the physical body can.

The etheric blue print is a holographic energy template of the physical body and is the blueprint needed to tell the cells where to go to form the structures of the physical body.

Bioelectrical Fields:
In the 1940s Harold Burr, researcher and teacher of neuro-anatomy and bio electrodynamics in Massachusetts, began photographing the bioelectrical fields of plants and he found that the electrical field around a seedling was not the shape of the original seed, but was the shape of the adult plant. [Cited by Gerber 2001:53]. He is saying that our energy field holds the blueprint of how we will look as an adult and as such can direct the cellular activity to attain this as a physical reality.

Diagram 2: A picture of a seedling showing the electrical shape of the adult plant
Diagram 2: A picture of a seedling showing the electrical shape of the adult plant

Quantum physics:
It has been proven by physicists, through means of the ability of a subatomic particle to be either a particle or a wave or both, that one cannot only convert matter into energy but that it should also be possible to convert energy into matter. We have learnt that light is able to be both a particle and a wave. Light then often appears in discreet energy packets called Quanta. It was then discovered that matter, on a subatomic level does not have a definite existence but has a tendency to exist. Particles can change into other particles and they can come into being from energy and then just vanish. As a conclusion everything that is being is composed of the same energy. Thus we can use the energy of a crystal to influence cellular activity on a physical level.

According to quantum physics a particle has no definite position or speed unless and until these qualities are measured by an observer. There are many particles that cannot be measured but seem to just pop in and out of existence. “Werner Heisenbergs uncertainty principle of 1926 states: You cannot together measure the speed and position of a particle. “ [ Cited by Hawkins & Mlodinow 2010: 90]

“Quantum physics leads us to accept a new form of determination, given the state of the system at some time, the laws of nature determine the possibilities of various pasts and futures rather than determining the past and future with certainty” [by Hawkins & Mlodinow 2010: 90] According to quantum physics each particle is some probability of being found anyway in the universe, and the universe has no single past or history.

Bells Theorem:
In 1964, a physicist, J.S Bell, published Bells Theorem. This theorem mathematically supports the concept that subatomic particles are connected in some way that transcends space and time. [Cited by Brennan 1988: 27]This means that if something happened to one particle it will affect another particle but this would happen at once without time being a factor. It implies we can connect instantly with anyone, anywhere. This is also the reason why distance healing works. According to Rupert Sheldrake, an English scientist, this is the theory that all systems are regulated by organized fields which serve as blueprints for form and behaviour. This effect reaches across time and space meaning their effect is the same at a distance as it is in close range. [Cited by Brennan 1988: 27]

The Hundredth monkey principle:
A very good example of this is shown by Lyall Watson in the hundredth Monkey principle. In 1952 there was a monkey called Macaca who had been observed in the wild for 30 years. The scientists had been feeding monkeys sweet potatoes dropped in the sand. The monkeys loved the potatoes but not the dirt so one of the younger monkeys learnt how to wash her potatoes and soon taught her mother. The mothers then learnt from their children but somehow the adults did not learn from each other. Then suddenly all the monkeys learnt to wash the potatoes but the amazing thing is that soon colonies of monkeys far away all began washing their potatoes.

This is explained by when a new behaviour is learnt by a species then the causative field for the species is altered. If this behaviour continues, due to morphic resonance, it will have an impact on the entire species. This leads us to conclude that the universe is a connected whole with a huge interlocking web of infinite possibilities. We are a part of the whole but since it is inseparable we are able to tap into this interconnected field to heal anyone anywhere.

The Universal energy field:
Then we have the concept of the universal energy field which states that this field exists somewhere between the realms of matter and energy. Dr John White and Stanley Krippner, specialists in life energies and the physics of paranormal phenomena, state that this energy field has the following properties:
  • It permeates all space, animate and inanimate objects and connects all objects to each other.
  • It flows from one object to another and its density varies inversely with the distance from its source.
  • It also follows the laws of harmonic inductance and sympathetic resonance.
  • If you are able to view the field you will see it is very organized. It has pulsing points of light, webs of lines, sparkles and has clouds.
  • People who have investigated the field say that united the field is more powerful than if you had to add the sum of all of its individual components.
  • The UEF is always associated with some form of consciousness.
  • It exists in greater than three dimensions and is amazing in that the energy field always remains charged no matter how much energy is drawn from it. [cited by Brennan 1988: 40]

Diagram 3: The Universal energy field
Diagram 3: The Universal energy field

Quantum physics has discovered a property in the subatomic world, known as non-locality. This refers to the ability of quantum entity, such as an individual electron, to influence another quantum particle over any distance despite there being no exchange of energy or force. [Mctaggart 2003: 12]

Scientists suggest that once quantum particles have made a connection, this connection is always retained no matter how far apart these particles get separated. Thus one particle is always able to influence the other one.

No matter how hard scientists tried to take quantum measurements in the laboratory the results always differed between observers, suggesting that there was a relationship between the two.

The next question was whether the consciousness of the person observing the experiment was impacting on the measurements. That would be leading us to believe that we are in fact the creators of our own reality.

In the world of quantum physics, quantum fields are not governed by forces but by exchanges of energy which constantly moves around in a dynamic pattern. Thus there is a constant energy exchange. Everything in the universe is interconnected through time and space. This is a very important in healing work and in our lives in general as everything we do will have an effect on everyone else.

Einstein’s Theory:

Einstein's famous equation is E=mc2. This established that energy turns into mass. What is now realised is that this equation tells us how much energy is needed to create the appearance of mass. Thus everything you see or feel in this world at its most basic form is simply a collection of energetic charges that are interacting within a background of electromagnetic charges and fields. There is no such thing as mass, only an electrical charge. Take the example of levitation. This is really only possible physically if gravity has somehow been manipulated.
Diagram 4: Man levitating in front of the whitehouse
Diagram 4: Man levitating in front of the whitehouse

Bio photon emissions: Harold Burr, a professor of anatomy at the Yale University School of Medicine, began to study bio photon emissions in living things. This was done by recording the light emitted by cells. He found that in a healthy person the emissions were cyclical and balanced but when someone was ill the emissions became erratic and disorganised. This showed that where there was a disruption in the smooth balanced flow of energy the person became ill on a physical level

The Digibio laboratory in Claremart, USA, did an amazing experiment where they took a genuine pig heart and kept it pumping using cardiac bypass technology. They were then able to dilate or constrict the blood flow through the vessels by using drugs such as histamine and atropine. They then recorded the frequencies of the electromagnetic signals that were given to the cells by the drugs and when they played the signals back to the heart. The heart reacted in exactly the same way as if it had been given the drugs. This proved that by mimicking the electromagnetic frequency of the drugs, the scientists were able to produce the same effects on the blood vessels as was obtained through conventional medicine. Thus introducing a specific energy frequency to the physical body is able to impact the body in a positive healing way.

Where memories are stored:

Walter Schemp, a mathematician at the University of Siegen in Germany, discovered the quantum holograph in 1992. All of our outer reality that is perceived by the brain comes from the five senses, hearing, smell, taste, touch and visual perception. Immanuel Kant stated that what we know of the world at large is an interpretation made by our brain. The translation your brain makes from the external stimulus of the visual cortex to the picture that you hold in your head is all from external electromagnetic wave patterns. People always thought that memories are stored in the grey matter of your brain. By experiments on rats it was discovered that memory resides in all the different parts of the brain and not in one specific area. Now when the holographic theory was discovered it was realise that memories are stored as a wave interference pattern. Walter Schemp who later contributed to the quantum brain theory by stating that memories are not actually stored within the brain itself but in the fabric of space, the physical vacuum. The brain acts simply as a reader/writer tool to access the physical vacuum where the holographic memory is stored as a wave pattern. The whole body is connected by micro tubules filled with water that connected the whole body like the internet. This meant that the whole body and not just the brain, share the same conscious awareness. The body is like the Internet and the brain like a computer that can logon at any time to any place. This would mean our human capacity for knowledge and communication is far greater than we could ever imagine.

Two scientists, called Helmut Schmidt and Robert Jahn designed a machine to randomly test the ability of a person to influence the results of a machine. So they took a machine that would randomly flash images of a coin that would either show heads or tails. They then asked the subject to focus on getting the machine to flash more images of heads or tails. They consistently showed that intent was able to produce more of the desired images so if human consciousness could influence a machine. What else could it do?

William Braud, a psychologist, demonstrated that people could influence their own muscle reactions and heart rates just by focusing on that area. These studies emphasised how the power of intention could be used as a very powerful healing force. With this capability within the universal energy field the power of intention could be used to heal others, by acting as a healing conduit and allowing the universal energy field to realign another person’s structure. This would explain how distant healing works.

Elizabeth Targ conducted a fascinating experiment in 1988. She was a doctor treating advanced AIDS patients. She wanted to see whether distant healing worked. She then carefully matched a control and treatment group who were all certain to die. Half of the group were treated by 10 different healers. There were 40 patients in the study. The results were astounding as to how well the treated group were doing physically and psychologically. This work would suggest that illness it is a disturbance in the quantum fluctuations of an individual. Healing may be seen as providing information to return the system to stability.

The above scientific data has proven that the whole world and everything in it consists purely of energy. We are surrounded by our own individual electromagnetic fields which are usually labelled as the Aura. Surrounding and interpenetrating everything is a Universal energy field inside which we all reside. Everything we do will have a ripple effect. We do not live in a three dimensional universe and there is no linear time. Thus all of our lifetimes could be experienced at the same time but in a different space time continuance. Our intent is able to influence energy and this is very important from the perspective of healing so if we use good intent we can do good things. We all have a unique frequency at which we vibrate and each organ of our body also has its own unique frequency. Crystals have their own resonant base frequency at which they vibrate. When a crystal is placed within the human energy field certain molecules in the crystal through resonance will in turn cause an out of balance molecule within a physical system to return into harmony thus bringing about healing.

Viewed from a Newtonian perspective of science, complementary medicine is unscientific and improvable. But, with the advent of quantum theory and the resultant change in how science explains natural phenomena and energy, this has changed. Quantum physics acknowledges that there is more to science than Newtonian physics can explain. Energy healers have understood energy, crystals and the human body in these terms for centuries. To better understand the energy within crystals, we need to look at how they are formed and how this affects the energy they carry.

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