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Crystal Healing:

Using contemporary scientific theory to explain how the modality works


Crystals were formed over millions of years and date to the earliest stages of the Earthís formation. When the Earth formed, a cloud of gas preceded a dense dust bowl which then contracted into an incredibly hot molten ball. Over millions of years, this molten material, called magma, cooled and formed a crust which became the Earth's mantle. However, molten magma still lies at the centre of the Earth, just a few kilometres beneath your feet.

In the Earthís crust, new crystals would continually form as the molten magma core would find weaknesses in the earthís mantle and track towards the surface. The magma is always moving up towards the earthís crust where it then cools and sinks down again. This movement can cause cracks in the earthís surface such as the one in the Atlantic Ocean known as the mid-Atlantic ridge.

Where the earthís tectonic plates push up against each other, mountains are formed and, when the crack opens completely down to the magma, we experience a volcanic eruption.

Some crystals form in deep Chambers, others grow from continuous dripping and some are formed by huge pressure being exerted on them. The method of formation affects the look, function and energetic properties of the crystal.

Igneous Crystals, such as Quartz, are the most common crystals on earth. They are formed in the molten hot centre of the Earth and then rise to the surface, pushed outwards as the tectonic plates on the Earth's surface shift. As this hot molten material penetrates the Earth's mantle and boiling gases meet solid rock, a rapid cooling process is forced to take place. If the crystal is formed inside a bubble of gas it can grow unhindered but if this process happens very fast then a substance like glass is formed e.g. Obsidian. If the process is halted and then starts again then a Phantom is created. This is when a crystal forms within another crystal or we will get a self-healed crystal forming.

Crystals, like Aventurine and Peridot, get created at high temperatures but when the gases penetrate into nearby rocks, crystals like Topaz and Tourmaline are formed. When the magma cools and the vapour forms a liquid, this mineral rich solution lays down crystals such as Aragonite.

  • Metamorphic crystals: these are crystals like Garnet which form deep in the earth. When under tremendous pressure and heat the minerals melt and re-crystallise undergoing chemical changes.
  • Calcite crystals are formed by dripping. Rocks on the top break down and mineralised water drips through the rocks laying down this material as new crystals.
  • Sedimentary crystals are often softer and get laid down in layers. They are usually found still attached to the bedrock on which they are formed.
  • The atom forms the heart of the crystalline structure so while a crystal may look serene it is a seething mass of energy vibrating at its own frequency.

    Basic crystal shapes and geometric forms: There are seven basic crystal systems in the whole world and are listed as follows:

Type of crystal Example How it is formed Properties
Hexagonal Apatite, Morganite Formed by Hexagons One 6 fold axis
Cubic Diamond, Pyrite Formed from squares Axis at right angles to each other
Trigonal Citrine, Amethyst Formed from triangles Four 3 fold axis
Tetragonal Rutile, Zircon Formed from rectangles Long and short axis at right
angles to each other
Orthorhombic Peridot, Topaz Formed by rhomboids Three 2 fold axis
Triclinic Amazonite, kyanite Formed by Trapeziums Have no axis
Monoclinic Selenite, azurite Formed by parallelograms One 2 fold axis
Amorpheous Moldavite, Obsidian Have no inner structure

The various types of crystals, and how they are formed, relates to the electrical charge that they carry and can conduct. Crystals tend to be magnetic or electrical depending on their mineral content. Both magnetic and electric energy forms fields. This means that all crystals are surrounded by energy fields.

Another property all molecules, including those in crystals, have is that they vibrate. The frequency at which a molecule vibrates is linked to its chemical composition as each element has its own resonant frequency. In crystal work, this frequency is referred to as the base resonance frequency of the crystal.

As various crystals have different levels of conductivity and vibration, this will in turn affect how they can be used in healing. When crystals are used in healing, these two properties are used to work on two levels with the patient: with the subtle energy fields (the chakras, the seven levels of the aura and the meridians) and with the physical body itself.

In the same way that laws of quantum physics apply to the energy within crystals, the molecules within our bodies both vibrate and form an energy field around us. This is the human energy field.


In the nineteenth century Field Theory was developed to explain how objects can have an effect on one another without being in physical proximity to each other. It was found that particles create a disturbance around them which other particles can feel. In energy healing, practitioners work with the energy field around the human body. This is called the aura.

The human Aura consists of seven layers. Every layer has its own unique structure. These layers are an energetic duplicate of our physical body. Each layer interpenetrates all the layers below it so itís really each preceding layer goes out a little further from all the preceding ones. Within this field are the swirling vortices known as the chakras. Each chakra is associated with an auric level so the root chakra will be associated with the etheric level and this governs the physical body and its functioning. The sacral chakra is associated with the lower emotional level that governs our feelings about ourselves. The solar plexus chakra goes together with the lower mental level so has to do with our intellectual functioning. The heart chakra is joined to the fourth auric level known as the astral bridge and this has to do with our world of relationships. The throat chakra goes with our higher physical level and this is to do with the power of the spoken word and speaking things into being. The brow chakra goes with our higher emotional level. This has to do with the love, care and nurturing of all life. The crown chakra is associated with the higher mental level which is to do with our higher mind and spiritual makeup. There are various physical symptoms that can be related to certain areas within our energy field and the nature of this information helps us in knowing how to treat the ailments.

Chakras and Meridians of the body: There are also seven special energy centres that exist within our subtle bodies. They are also receptors for higher energies to enter into the physical body. They seem to function as energy transformers, converting etheric energy into hormones that then impact on the whole cellular system. Each major chakra is associated with a major nerve grouping and endocrine gland.

Diagram 5: Positioning of the chakras
Diagram 5: Positioning of the chakras

The root chakra is at the base of the spine. The sacral chakra is located just below the umbilicus the solar plexus chakra is in the middle of the abdomen just below the tip of the sternum. The heart chakra is just over the heart and thymus gland. The throat chakra is in neck directly over the larynx and thyroid glands. The brow chakra is in the centre of the forehead just above the bridge of the nose and the Crown chakra is on top of the head.

The root chakra governs the sacro-coccygeal plexus. It governs the reproductive system and the sexual hormones of oestrogen and testosterone. The sacral chakra governs the sacral nerve plexus and the genito-urinary system. It is ruled by the Ledig endocrine system that controls hormones like Aldosterone and ADH. The solar plexus chakra governs the solar nerve plexus and the digestive system. The adrenal glands are important at this level. The heart chakra governs the heart nerve plexus that governs the whole circulatory system and the Thymus gland. The throat chakra governs the cervical ganglion and medulla and the respiratory system. The endocrine gland here is the Thyroid gland. The brow chakra governs the hypothalamus and Pituitary nerve plexus. The Pituitary gland is the endocrine gland governed by this chakra. The Crown chakra is governed by the Cerebral cortex and Pineal gland and is responsible for the entire central nervous system.

The physical body depends on the etheric body as the etheric body carries the blueprint of the physical body. The etheric body is responsible for guiding tissue repair and cellular growth. Illness begins at the etheric level and then manifests into the physical. The physical body cannot exist without the etheric body.

The chakras and meridians are the major channels which transport energy from the etheric realm into the physical body. A number of studies were done where radioisotopes were injected into the meridians points on the body and it was discovered that there was a ductile system that was not only interconnected to itself but is also connected with all cell nuclei of the tissues. The meridians transport energy from outside the body to all of the cells. They are divided into six groups depending on their location and function and connect with the organ they are named for e.g. the liver meridian connects to the liver.

Diagram 6: The meridians of the body
Diagram 6: The meridians of the body

Studies performed by Dr Harold Burr (Cited by Gerber 2001: 127) show that ďThe meridian system preceded the development and placement of rudimentary organs in the embryo.Ē The meridians form the connection between the etheric and physical body.

Then we get to the Nadis, which are like energetic blood vessels. They are not like the meridians that run along physical channels in your body. Instead, they connect purely energetically to the nervous system in order to transport etheric energy into the physical nervous system. Any malfunction of the system gives rise to disease.

Dr Valerie Hunt of UCLA conducted an experiment to see if energy could be measured coming from the chakras. She then connected EMG electrodes to the skin directly over the chakras. Her subjects were trained meditators and she was assisted by a trained psychic observer called Rosalind Bruyere who was able to see subtle changes in the subjectís aura while the measurements were being taken. Dr Hunt found that Rosalinds colour observation corresponded exactly with the EMG recordings. Dr Hunt discovered that each colour of the aura matched a different wave pattern recorded a to each chakra point. This would seem to prove scientifically the chakra system does exist. [Cited by Gerber 2001:130]

The Aura: Around and interspersed with in the human body we find the Auric body. There are seven auric layers around the physical body. They are the etheric layer, lower emotional, lower mental, astral bridge, higher physical, higher emotional and higher mental. They each serve a very specific purpose.
Diagram 7: The Aura
Diagram 7: The Aura

Diagram 8: The chakras and auric layers
Diagram 8: The chakras and auric layers

The first Level also known as the etheric layer:

This is the level where you feel all physical sensations, painful and pleasurable. The colour of this level is a fine, thin and light aqua blue for sensitive people and a thicker and darker blue-grey for strong robust people. This level goes with feeling your body. Feelings of vitality, physical activity, contact, sex, sleeping and also includes the pleasures of tasting, smelling, listening and seeing.

The second level also known as the lower emotional level:

This level is associated with your feelings or emotions about you. It consists of bright colours with cloudlike energy are associated with positive feelings about you These coloured clouds flow along the structured lines of the first field level. If you allow feelings to flow, positive or negative, the aura keeps itself balanced and the negative energies are released and transformed. If the second level is charged you enjoy your emotional relationship to yourself and feel good about yourself.

The third level also known as the lower mental level:

This level is associated with our mental or rational world. The lines of structure in this level are very delicate like a fine thin veil. This level has light lemon yellow energy lines which pulse at a very high rate. When this level is balanced and healthy the rational and intuitive mind works together in harmony as one. You experience clarity, balance and a sense of appropriateness. You will have a strong clear mind that serves you well.

The fourth level also known as the Astral Bridge:

This level carries our whole world of relationships. From this level we interact with other people, animals, plants, inanimate objects, the earth, the sun and the universe as a whole. Here are all our feelings about each other. The energy of the fourth level is like coloured fluid. The fourth level contains all the love and joy as well as the struggle and pain of a relationship. If you have a strong, healthy charged fourth level you will have a lot of good relationships with others and your friends and family will make up an important part of your life. The fourth level of relationships represents the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds.

The fifth level also known as the higher physical level:

This is the level of divine will. There is an empty slot in the fifth level into which each blue line of the first level fits. The fifth is a template for the first and holds the first in place. The divine will exists within you and all around you. You have free will to either align yourself with the divine will or not. It has a powerful feeling of will and purpose. To experience it is to experience perfect order. If this level is balanced you will feel great power and connectedness with all that is around you because you will be in place with your purpose. If your fifth level is strong then you are one of those people who understand and maintain order in your life. Your house is neat; you are on time and do your job very well.

The Sixth level also known as the higher emotional level:

This level looks like beautiful streamers of light radiating in all directions. It contains all the colours. This is the level of feelings with our world of spirit; it is the level of our divine love. It is experienced as spiritual love, joy, elation or bliss. We reach this level through meditation, chanting, fine music or contemplation.

The seventh level also known as the higher mental level:

If this level is healthy it is composed of beautiful extremely strong golden lines of energy that scintillate at a very high frequency. They extend out from the body 3 to 3 and Ĺ feet. The seventh level forms into a golden egg that surrounds and protects everything within it. The outer edge of this egg is thicker and stronger and it regulates the flow of energy in and out of the aura. It prevents energy leakage from the field, as well as penetration by unhealthy energy from the outside. The seventh level is the level of divine mind. When it is healthy and we bring our conscious awareness to this level, we experience divine mind within us and enter into a world of the universal divine mind field. Here we understand and know we are part of the great pattern of life. Here we know perfection within our imperfections. Here we will eventually learn to communicate mind to mind. If the seventh level is strong you will have creative ideas and clearly understand broad overall concepts about existence, the world and its nature. You will have a clear understanding of God.

The subtle energy bodies that comprise the human energy field, like crystals, are energy fields and follow the rules of quantum physics in how their energy behaves. Each layer of a personís subtle energy body is an energetic reflection of aspects of the personís physical, emotional and mental being. Each layer vibrates at a particular frequency when the person is healthy. This changes when there is disease or distress. However, the disease or distress may not yet have manifested in the physical body, as the subtle energy bodies act as a buffer for the person. It is only when we donít address the problems early enough (while they are still energetic imbalance rather than physical disease) that we get ill.

Crystal healing uses the vibration of the crystal and the concept of resonance to restore the affected component of the subtle energy body to its natural, healthy vibration frequency.

Because different people and different layers of their subtle bodies vibrate at different frequencies specific to their natural, healthy state, different crystals are used as each crystal has its own base resonance frequency. The application of this scientific background to the healing process itself lies in knowing what crystals to use for what purpose.

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