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  5. Biofeedback
  6. Neurofeedback
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Since ancient times, humans and animals have been able to communicate. As we developed the ability to talk, we lost our ability to telepathically communicate. It is a latent ability that we all possess and with a willingness to learn to reawaken the ability, we are all capable of telepathic communication. When we look at the example of how bats navigate and hunt, they use echolocation or “Bio sonar”. What this means is that they make a very high frequency sound and when the sound hits something an echo bounces back. From this echo the bats not only know what the sound waves bounced off but also exactly where it is. The bats bio sonar has a unique signature frequency. So each bat makes a unique sound, as do dolphins and whales. {Balcombe,J, 2006; 125} Psychic communication is much the same. Each human has their own unique brand of bio sonar using electromagnetic waves. We can send out and capture thoughts, feelings, impressions and memories. This ability is a learned skill and is simply another sense that needs to be awakened. Your own mind creates the words, so the human brain interprets the animal thoughts by putting them into a language, pictures or sounds that you can understand. The way you receive information depends on the development of your brain i.e. some people may see pictures [clairvoyance] while others may get feelings [clairsentience]

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Where Animal Communication is useful

I would firstly really like to emphasise that animal communication is in no way a substitute for veterinary care and all animals with a problem should first have a thorough medical check before an animal communication and consultation is undertaken. An animal communicator is not qualified to diagnose or treat medical problems and to attempt to do so may lead to legal problems due to misrepresenting one’s scope of practice. Some common issues I have faced in practice and have found animal communication to be helpful in addressing are:

Behavioural problems: many owners experience behavioural problems in their pets such as soiling in the wrong place, cats not using the litter box and fighting among pets in the household. Other behaviours are quite clearly based in emotional problems: Pets being agitated or nervous, animals showing signs of depression, problems with separation anxiety and destructive behaviours. Consulting an animal communicator will help one to get to the root cause of the problem, which may be physical or emotional. If one were to consult a behaviourist the emphasis would be on remedying the problem behaviour rather than addressing the underlying cause. The virtue of being able to speak with an animal is that the needs and feelings of that unique and special being can be heard, shared, and responded to in an individual way. {Williams,M,2003}

Relocation: it is hugely helpful if one is able to explain to an animal all the details surrounding relocation. It is important that they know what to expect. They need to know about the new home, where they will be going. If it's far away your close by. Will there be kennels or cattery involved?. Will they be getting there by car or plane? Are the issues around quarantine? If animals know all of these details they are far more settled throughout the whole process. By telepathically sending the animal pictures one is able to give them information and insight concerning events and this will help to allay their anxiety. Karl Pribam describes this as “it’s like the brain is secreting vision and mind. Mental phenomena arise through the interaction between brain, body and environment. The whole interactive thing produces an emergent, which we call mind and spirit” In other words in order to telepathically communicate you have to open your consciousness and let the camera of your consciousness learn to view what is beyond the blur of ordinary perception.{Kinkade,A,2006;55}puppy

Lost animals: Animal communication can be life-saving when helping to relocate a lost animal. Not only in helping to locate the animal but also to establish the reasons why it got lost in the first place. It also helps to establish if the animal is alive or dead. Some animals may choose to leave home of their own accord. {kinkade,A,2006;211}

Sick or injured animals: When animals are sick or injured, it is very helpful to be able to talk to them. You can find out how the medication is affecting them, what level of pain and suffering, what measures can be instituted to make them feel better. The animal can be consulted when major treatment decisions need to be undertaken such as chemotherapy, radiation or surgery. It is important that the animal communicator has the medical knowledge to explain medical treatments or procedures or this must be undertaken with the help of the veterinary surgeon treating the animal. The animal needs to be given all the information relevant to their treatment options. It is also important to explore the emotions behind physical diseases. Many problems may also be exacerbated due to an unhealthy environment, poor diet or inadequate care.{Williams,M,2003;181}

Death and dying: When owners are faced with the death of an animal it is incredibly helpful to find out what the animal wants. Whether they want to die by themselves or they need assistance in crossing over. Do the animals have any special requests like way they would like to be euthanized and who they would like present. They can also be consulted as to what they would like done with their remains e.g. what they like to be buried or cremated. It is very helpful to explain to an owner that when an animal dies the consciousness [spirit] of the animal lives on. This spirit resides in the universal energy field and this is how animal communicators can still talk to the animal once it has passed over. Every animal has an immortal soul. The animals like to stay close to us in spirit after they have passed over. {Kinkade,A,2006;215} Communication with passed over animals can be very healing for the grieving owners. It helps to bring peace and comfort knowing the animals are safely on the other side and helps to put to rest any feelings of unresolved guilt.

Healing: I also perform energy healing work on animals using Reiki, quantum touch, sound, colour and crystal therapy. Once you are able to correct imbalances in the energetic anatomy this impacts on the physical body to restore balance and health. It is important to realize that healing does not always mean curing and at times healing is wonderful in helping an animal to have a smooth transition or to help to alleviate their symptoms.