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In crystal healing, the energy within the crystal is brought close to the patientís energy field and used to influence the vibration of the patientís energy field to bring about healing. While different cultures have used crystals in slightly different ways, the common thread is that, throughout human history, we have used and revered crystals since the beginning of time. Crystal healing as a treatment modality harnesses the energetic properties of crystals to influence the patientís energy field to return to its specific healthy vibrational frequency. Because different people and different layers of their subtle bodies vibrate at different frequencies specific to their natural, healthy state, different crystals are used as each crystal has its own base resonance frequency. In practicing crystal healing, the skill is to know what crystals to use for what purpose. Throughout human history, this principle has been applied to healing and crystals revered for the effects they were considered to have. This experiential knowledge, carried through generations, may not have been explicitly using quantum physics to explain or justify the efficacy of what people did or believed, but we now know that there was a scientific basis to this body of knowledge Crystals have an amazing ability to allow you to direct energy from one area to another and move energy away from an area. Crystals are used in various ways:


We use crystals when placing and activating grids due to their properties associated with direction and amplification of energy. We can remove energy blockages using crystals. We can infuse an area with crystal energy and as a healer, crystals magnify our healing energy. We can ground and also boost the human energy field by these means. Crystal surgery has been developed by Vivien Schapera in Cincinnati; this is her unique method of using crystals and stones to work beneficially on a personís Energy Field, and Energy Body. Crystal Surgery is a method for operating directly on the energy field and the energy body, in such a way that through systematic, direct changes in these two systems, indirect changes are stimulated in the physical body.

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